Saturday, March 19, 2016

1996 Class Motto: “We’ll find a way or we’ll make one!”
Well? Did you find a way or make one?! 
It’s that time!  It’s been 20 years!
Let’s mix & mingle and catch up with old friends!

The earlier we receive your response the better we
can plan for this event! We appreciate your early
payment & look forward to catching up!

July 23rd 2016

Dakota Park Place
4304 SW Dakota St
Seattle, WA 98116

Historic West Seattle Venue - Beer - Wine
Food - Memory Book - Photo Booth 
90s tunes - Memory lane slideshow!


July 24th 2016

Family Day at Hiawatha Park
2700 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

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The sooner we get your payment the better we can plan this event.
Thank you!

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$35 per person ($55/couple)
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We look forward to seeing you!!

Your Reunion planning committee:
Dana, Angela, Christine, Kim, Danielle,
Michelle, Tammy, Lacey & Zeena

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